Mount Alto CF Mack – Engine 72 / Engine 73

Tanker 7

When Engine 72 was out of service for several months following a accident, Middletown needed a second pumper. Our Pierce dealer found us a great replacement in this CF. Mount Alto had recently placed a new Pierce in service and this unit was up for sale. It was purchased by MVFC, and placed in service as E-72 for a few months. After our 96 Dash returned, the Mack was then used as a third pumper due to a bridge that needed repaired in our first due. This was a major road that would cause apparatus responding from the Station to have to detour on several back roads. It was placed in service as E-73 for this period. Members that lived on the other side of the bridge would respond to a barn where the Mack was stored to get that unit out. The Mack was sold back to Pierce soon after the bridge was re-opened.

Year : 1972
Model : Mack CF

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