Brush 76 “The Deuce”

Tanker 7

When starting the Wildland Team, members of the MVFC went looking for a vehicle to haul equipment, as well as to assist with extinguishment of fires in the first due. This two and a half ton was owned by the DNR, and was in pretty good shape. Members of Middletown did all in house work on the unit, which included adding new compartments, mounting two hose reels onto the new mid-compartments, adding newer seats, new emergency lighting, sirens, paint and graphics. This unit was retired when the Wildland trailer was purchased in 2004. The deuce was handed back to the State, and it’s current location is unknown.

Year : 1972
Model : Ford F250/4 wheel drive AM 530B
Diesel 6 Cylinder Multifuel Motor
Manual Transmission
750 GPM 2 Stage Pump
400 Gallon Water Tank
2 – Hose Reels
800′ Supply Line
1 – 1 3/4″ Attack Line
Several Hundred Feet of 1″ Forestry Hose
Carried normal Brush/Woods firefighting equipment

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