Fall Butchering

Saturday, November 22, 2014   The fall butchering will be held on November 22, 2014 at the activities building/ pavilion. The cutoff date for advanced orders will be Sunday November 16th. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Email all orders to jason.loveless@middletownvfd.org, phone in orders to Wade Clem at 301-371-6015. Pickup orders from 3-6pm on the same day at the pavilion utilizing the entrance off of the primary school. 



Rescue Squad, Utility and Chief to I-70 Accident

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 21:57 On Tuesday the Rescue Squad was alerted to assist Company 8 units with a vehicle accident on Interstate 70 West bound near the 41 MM. Company 8 units arrived on the scene with an accident involving 2 tractor and trailers, with confinement and diesel and hydraulic fluid leaks. Additional units were requested including the units from 7. Rescue Engine 74, Utility 7 and Chief 7 responded with 9. After arriving on the scene, the crews from 7 assisted with patient packaging and also with assisting with containment of the fluids until HIRT 33 arrived. Units were in service at 22:50.



Units to Gas Leak at the High School

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 19:24 On Tuesday evening, Engine Companies 7, 12 and Tower 1 were alerted for the gas leak at the Middletown High School. Engine 72, Rescue Engine 74, Ambulance 79 and Chief 7 responded with 10 personnel. Units investigated a propane odor which ended up being a tank on the outside of side B that was not used anymore by the school, but was accidentally filled. The tank was shut off and units were placed in service.



The Rescue Squad to Frederick City for the House Fire

Monday, June 2, 2014 19:44 On Monday evening Box 2-3 was alerted for the house fire in the 900 block of Motter Place. Units arrived on the scene with a fire in the structure and requested the RIT. This brought Engine 111 (Walkersville) Rescue Engine 74 (with 5 as the RS), A-39 and Medic 1. The RIT assignment arrived the scene and established the RIT group on side A. Once the fire was brought under control, the RIT was released.



Rescue Engine, Ambulance and Chief to vehicle accident with Entrapment

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 19:51 On Tuesday evening, units were alerted to the vehicle accident in the 500 block of West Main Street in Middletown for the reported vehicle accident with entrapment. Rescue Engine 74, A-78 and Chief 7 responded with a total of 15 personnel. Units arrived on the scene with a 1 vehicle accident with confirmed entrapment. Chief 7 arrived on the scene soon after and established the West Main Street Command. The crew from the Rescue Squad stabilized and extricated the victim within minutes. The patient was transported to a local trauma center. The units were in service at 20:24.



Engine 72, Rescue Engine 74, Ambulance 78 and the Chief to Myersville House Fire

Sunday, May 18, 2014 20:11 On Sunday afternoon, Box Alarm 8-1 was sounded for the reported house on fire inthe unit block of Ashley Court in Myersville. This particular assignment consisted od Engine Companies 8, 7, 21, WC 6 and 12, A-89, RE-74 (as the RS), WC TK-6, Tower 1 and the normal Support Officer's. E-82 responded first and arrived on the scene with a two-story single family with heavy fire showing. The Wagon, Rescue Squad, Ambulance, Utility and Chief 7 responded on the run with 15 personnel.

As the crew from E-82 began the intial attack, Chief 8 arrived on the scene, assumed the Command and requested a second alarm dueto the possible fire spread to exsposures. RE-83 arrived and picked up E-82's supply line. Chief 7 arrived next and Chief 8 assigned himas an interior officer. E-72 arrived next and hit a hydrant in the court. They also supplies Tower 1 later into the incident.

Personnel worked until 01:32 hours bringing the fire under control, completing overhaul and assisting the FM's.



Units to Swift Water Rescue

Friday, May 16, 2014 07:32 On Friday morning units were alerted to the possible swift water rescue near the intersection of Wolfsville Road and East Church Hill Road in the 8-8 Box area. Rescue Engine 74, A-79 and Chief 7 responded with 6 personnel. Chief 21 arrived first and advised ECC of a confirmed vehicle in high water with one subject inside. Command was established as the assignment was directed in. Due to road conditions, only one route was accessible by responding units. As Chief 7 arrived on the scene, a citizen in a tractor trailer entered the water, drove out to the stranded car. retrieved the victim and drove him back to dry land. The victim refused any treatment so Command placed all units in service.



First Due House Fire: Hollow Court

Monday, April 21, 2014 12:41 Early Monday morning Box alarm 7-14 was sounded for the reported house fire in the 4200 Block of Hollow Court. The Wagon,Tanker, Squad, Utility and Chief responded with atotal of 15 personnel.

The Assistant Chief arrived on the scene first reporting fire showing from a one story single family and established the Hollow Court Command. Chief 7 and Chief 12-1 arrived next followed by Engine 72. Chief 7 assumed the Command at that time, and deligated Safety to Chief 12-1 and the Division 1 Supervisor to Chief 7-2.

The crew from Engine 72 made and agressive interior attack and was soon backed up the crew from E-122. E-82 established the initial RIT and ET-34 took a line to side C and checked the basement. Other units were assigned their normal task as they arrived on the scene. The bulk of the fire was knocked down within a few minutes and crews then completed overhaul and assisted the FM's.

Te assignment was scaled back to E-72, E-122, E-82, Tower 1, Tanker 7, Tanker 1 and A-19 for the duration.

Chief 7 had the Command.



Truck fire turns out to be possible house fire: Wiles Court

Thursday, March 27, 2014 12:34 Early Thursday morning, Engine Company 7 was alerted for the truck fire in the 8600 block of Wiles Court. As the Rescue Engine was about to respond, Assistant Chief 7 arrived on the scene and located a roll-back fully involved with another vehicle starting to catch fire and possible extension into a single family. Chief 7-2 requested the Box to be filled and established the Wiles Court Command.

The Rescue Engine, Tanker, Ambulance and Chief 7 responded on the call with 14 personnel. Chief 7 arrived, got an updated report from the Assistant Chief and assumed the Command on the Alpha side at his buggy. The Assistant Chief was assigned Division 1. The Rescue Engine arrived soon after, pull two lines (one for the Truck/one for interior). 

The fire was being extinguished as E-82 (Supplied RE-74), Tanker 7 and E-121 arrived. After no extension was found in the residence, the Box was scaled back to the units from 7, E-82 and E-121. 



Middletown units respond to Washington County for the large woods fire

Saturday, March 15, 2014 15:18 On Saturday units from Washington County responded to the area of the 6100 block of Clevelandtown Road for the brush fire. Due to the dry land and wind conditions, the fire ran up the mountain and consumed several acres. Numerous units from 4 States were requested to assist with controlling the fire.

B-75, Utility 7 and the Tanker responded to assist. Crews remained on the scene for hours containing the fire and hitting hot spots.


From Middletown

From Middletown


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