MVFC Fall Butchering

Saturday, November 22, 2014   The fall butchering will be held on November 22, 2014 at the activities building/ pavilion. The cutoff date for advanced orders will be Sunday November 16th. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Email all orders to, phone in orders to Wade Clem at 301-371-6015. Pickup orders from 3-6pm on the same day at the pavilion utilizing the entrance off of the primary school. 



Squad and Chief run 3 Alarm Fire in Frederick City: 300 Block of South Market Street

Monday, November 3, 2014 12:44 Early Monday morning units from Frederick City were dispatched on Box 3-4 for smoke in the house. First arriving units from United Steam (E-3-1 and RS-3) arrived on the scene with nothing evident from the Alpha side of a two story rowhouse. Truck 4-1, who was responding in from a different direction gave the report of heavy fire showing from side Charlie.

Crew's from the alpha side entered and found heavy fire envolving the dispatched address and extending to the Barvo and Delta exsposures. the incident escalated quickly as Command requested the RIT assignment and soon after that the second alarm. This brought RE-74 and the Chief with 5 personnel to the scene. The units from 7 was directed to report to staging right after responding, but were quickly reassigned to the scene.

Chief 7 arrived and was requested on the Charlie side. There he and Chief 15 entered exsposures with mutiple crews to cut off the fire. When the Squad arrived (Rescue Squad on the 2nd alarm), they abandoned the piece and also went to work in the exsposures. After going through several cylinders and assisting with keeping the fire from extending to more exsposures, crews were able to take a break and go to rehab. During the firefight, a third alarm was also requested and those units were also utilized on the scene.

In all 11 rowhomes were damaged with 5 severe.

The Rescue Engine cleared around 04:45. Loudoun County E-610 transferred to Station 7.

From Frederick News Post

From Frederick News Post

From FNP

From FNP


Tanker to Carroll Manor for the Barn Fire/Rescue Engine takes transfer

Fill site at FS 14

Fill site at FS 14

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 22:05 Just after 10 on Tuesday, Box alarm 14-16 was alerted for the barn fire in the 2900 block of Ballenger Creek Pike. Quint 14 went in the area with a large glow in the sky and requested the Tanker Task Force. The Quint arrived soon after reporting a large barn with heavy fire throughout.

Tanker 7 responded with 2 to the incident. Upon arriving on the scene, the Tanker shuttled 6 loads of water to the scene. The fill site was established at Station 14, which is a few miles away. Other units in the shuttle were Tanker 1, ET-34, ET-233, and Montgomery Tanker 714.

During the incident, Company 7 was alerted to transfer one Engine to Station 20. The Rescue Engine handled with 6 personnel.



Squad and Ambulance to Fatal Accident in Myersville

Saturday, October 25, 2014 11:37 Late Saturday night, units were alerted to the 9800 block of Harmony Road in the 8-11 box area for the serious vehicle accident with multiple injuries and possible ejection. As units arrived on the scene, additional resources were needed. along with the Squad and Ambulance from 7, several Ambulances, Medic units and other supression/support officers.

One victim was deceased and three others were transported to a trauma center.

Crews remained on the scene for some time assisting.



House Fire in Jefferson: 4900 Block of Rosehill Drive

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 00:45 Just into Tuesday, Box alarm 20-6 was alerted for the house fire in the 4900 block of Rosehill Drive. Engine 72 (3rd due), Tanker 7, U-7 and Chief 7 responded with a total of 12 personnel. E-201 arrived on the scene with heavy fire from the attached garage. ET-204 and RS-20 arrived soon after. Chief 7 arrived as the crew from 201 was making entry into side A. Chief Harne established the Rosehill Drive Command at his buggy across the street from the incident.

The RIT and Tanker Task Force was requested to assist. The crews from E-201, E-122 and E-72 made quick work of the fire, while Q-14 and Tk-41 took care of utilites, ladders and opening up the roof. ET-34 was assigned the initial RIT.

Once the fire was deemed under control, the assignment was scaled back to just the first alarm.

Chief 20 had Division 1, Chief 12-1 had the Charlie Division, Safety 901 had scene safety and BC 901 assisted at the Command post.

A job well done by all!



Rescue Engine to Gambrill State Park for Serious Accident

Monday, October 6, 2014 17:21 On Monday afternoon, the assignment was dispatched for the serious vehicle accident with one trapped in the 9300 block of Gambrill Park road in the 8-10 box area. RE-74 was requested to assist with other units being understaffed.

The Squad Company responded with 6 with 2 other members responding to the scene. When the Squad got close to the scene, they were re-sirected to establish a landing zone for Trooper 3. They were in service at 17:33.



Middletown Hosted Water Supply drill

Saturday, October 4, 2014   On the weekend of October 4th/5th, MVFC was the host of a Statewide rural water supply drill. The drill was held at our new activities building, and meals were made by our volunteers.

The Company "Got Big Water" put on the class on Saturday and Sunday. Classroom was held on the first part of Saturday to go over the different ways to deliver water to rural areas. After the classroom portion was completed, personnel ran through one small scenario to make sure everyone was clear on the big scenario for Sunday.

On Sunday morning, personnel were once again brought into the classroom to get details of the large scale drill. A 900 gallons per minute was the focus for 2 hours, with the hopes of being able to substain 1100 gallons per minute.

Two pre-determined fill sites were established before the drill started. E-72 was the drafting Engine that would be the focus with attempting to substain the needed GPM. As the drill started, two attack lines were pulled from 72 and placed in service. Crews had the substain water flowwhile setting up porta-tanks, beginning tanker shuttle and began drafting.

Durng the 2 hour drill, crews were able to substain between 950 and over 1100 GPM's, thus meeting their mark. Personnel on the scene were able to see what works/does not work within rural water supply efforts, and what steps to take (big and small) to make both the draft site and fill sites easier and more effeicent.

A special thanks goes out to the Members of Station 7 that attended, along with all the instructors that made the drill happen. Also thanks goes out to all the other Companies from Frederick, Washington, Carroll, and Montgomery Counties that attended with apparatus.

For more information on our class, along with many other classes and other info, go to



New single lane porta-tank

New single lane porta-tank


Possible Building Fire in Middletown: Middletown High School

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 17:56 On late Tuesday afternoon, Box 7-1 was sounded for smoke in the building at the Middletown High School. E-72, RE-74, A-79, U-7 and Chief 7 responded with a total of 24 personnel. E-72 and Chief Harne arrived on the scene and were instructed by school personnel to report to side C of the building. Chief 7 established the Middletown High School Command atthat time with the CP being on the C/D corner of the school.

Command instructed E-122 (2nd due) to take the FDC on the Alpha side and stand-by. E-82 went to Side C, along with RE-74 (first due special), Tower 1 and Truck 50. All other units were to stage onthe alpha side. Chief 1-3 was assigned Division 1 and the other support Officers were assigned positions as per policy.

The crew from E-72 located a burnt motor ona HVAC unit in the ceiling of a classroom. Command held the units from 7 and both trucks for ventilation and the balance was placed in service.



First Due House Fire: 8000 Block of Old Hagerstown Road

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 03:16 Early Thursday morning, Box 7-10 was alerted for the house fire in the 8200 block of Old Hagerstown Road. E-72 responded with 3 on the run. E-82 arrived just before 72 and reported a two-story single family with heavy smoke showing. 82's crew pulled a line to the front door as E-72 arrived. A supply line was pulled to 82 and 72's crew pulled the 300 to side C.

Chief 12-1 arrived and established Command and the RIT and TTF assignments were requested. Crews were pulled out soon after due to heavy fire conditions, and the Wagon pipe from 72 was placed in service. When Tower 1 arrived, their ladder pipe was then placed in service and 72's was shut down.

Water supply was established utilizing Tankers and a draft site near the scene.

Units wereon the scene until 08:01.



Middletown triple pulls in I-70 accident

Monday, August 11, 2014 22:58 Late Monday evening,units were alerted to the vehicle accident on Interstate 70 near Catoctin Creek (41 MM). RE-74 and A-78 responded with 7 personnel. E-72 was added for addtional staffing for E-82, and they responded as well.

Units arrived on the scene with minor injuries and held the units from 8, RE-74 and A-78.



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